What Benefit (If, Any) Is There To A Debt

Since, we so – often, witness a political battle, regarding the need to increase the so – called, debt – limit, many assume it is some sort of Constitutional requirement! However, it turned out never, either, considered, or expressed, on this, supposedly, guiding document! Too often, it is, a partisan, political way, of attempting to convince some voters, elected officials (Senators, and Congressional Representatives/ Congressmen), are handling their financial, and fiscal responsibilities, in a very meaningful, greater good, focus! Therefore, it is vital, to comprehend, and understand, raising the debt – ceiling, is often required, not as a result of current actions/ policies, etc, but, with the deficits, created, previously! The last time, this nation carries a positive budget, for just a year, was, in the administration, of President Bill Clinton, and also the only President, before, or since, who articulated some text, stating, this nation, necessary to create, more relevant budgets, etc, was President Jimmy Carter, who suggested, strongly, we necessary to use, zero – based – budgeting, to do this ideal! With, that in your mind, this information will, briefly, consider 4 key considerations, regarding, this matter.

  1. Theoretical – to be a goal: Perhaps, once the debt – ceiling, and/ or, limit, was used, it had been to create, more responsible public leaders, when it comes to spending, etc, unfortunately, at – best, today, it’s, nothing but, a theoretical, exercise, as well as a political diversion. Although, lose your pounds . be without a doubt, more responsible spending, is essential, and necessary, this method, has provided, little, relevant service, for the public, in that way! At – present, the leaders in the Republican Party, look like demonstrating, the invalidity, of the process, along with the hypocrisy, of politicians, whorrrre refusing to back up this current need, although, it truly is largely, predominantly – due, to past debts, the greatest component, which,was the, over $7 trillion deficit, in the Trump administration, which they, continuously, supported, and voted for!
  2. Eliminate it?: Some suggest, it really is well – past – time, to reduce this debt ceiling, approach, because, it serves little, positive, productive purpose! Is that the most effective way, or would it be better, to take care of, a spending – control, but, to take action, in a very less – political way?
  3. Make it adjust, automatically: Some claim, it needs to, adjust, automatically, depending on previously – approved, expenditures, in order to remove, the volume of wasted time, and, on manually, the process! However, if this method, becomes the rule/ guideline, we will need, to generate a way, where expenditures, and budgeting, became more responsible, responsive, relevant, and sustainable!
  4. Explain it to your public: At the very – least, we should demand, people learns, what this, is actually – about! The way, it now exists, looks like it’s assisting, the tendency, to secure – the – buck, and blame present leaders, to the actions in their predecessors!

Idealism Feels Great, But Pragmatic Idealism Needs To Seek Improvement

While, it’s good to be idealistic, unfortunately, it risks achieving, little, unless, one uses pragmatic idealism, to be able, to take people, together, for your greater good, and achieve a gathering – of – the – minds, as opposed to mere, partisan politics, as usual! It might ensure people, feel great, to target – on, idealism, but, what good, could it be, if nothing, of significance, is achieved, because, this doesn’t happen achieve a necessary consensus? In our system of government, the spot that the Congress is, almost, evenly – matched, relating to the two major parties, those, who hold – out, for your unachievable ideal, rather then trying to achieve, what’s, hinders genuine progress. With, that planned, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, of the, and why it matters.

  1. Health; medical; prescribed drugs: Shouldn’t the United States, which consider itself, being the most advanced nation, on earth, give the finest healthcare, and make up a system, where health was considered a top priority, and right, instead of, merely, a privilege, to the wealthiest, and elite? Why do the identical, prescription medications, cost, much more, with this nation, compared with most other developed nations? Shouldn’t the medical, and wellness of our citizens, be important, in spite of politics?
  2. Sane gun safety controls and regulations/ rules/ laws: We suffer more gun – related, deaths, with this country, than, many of the rest in the free world! How many more must die, before we take a little measures, to regulate it? Instead of wrapping – themselves, about the 2nd Amendment (or, their interpretations), and claiming, it really is one’s to own a gun, it does not recognize the certainty, that Amendment, actually, devoted to State Militia’s, plus the Founding Fathers, can’t have conceived in the level of today’s guns! Doesn’t it make sense, there has to be, some sound judgment, gun safety – focused, controls and regulations, also to, a minimum of, regulate these, to the degree we regulate automobiles, and drivers (register cars; license drivers, etc)?
  3. Public safety and health: Why should public health, become, a partisan political issue? After, over eighteen months, of the horrific pandemic, and thus many infections, and deaths, as well as the scientific evidence, from the necessary impacts, of vaccinations, why partisan?
  4. Climate Change: When, there’s so much evidence, of Climate Change, and almost all climate scientists/ experts, warns us, we have to address this, sooner, instead of later, along with the inherent risks, of procrastination, how come we permit some politicians, to deny its existence, for political gain, and/ or, some personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Denying it, won’t ensure it is go away!
  5. Environment: We can’t leave a sustainable planet, to generations to come, unless/ until, we pay keen focus to our environment, especially, beautiful and water!

Personal Freedom

Although, the United States of America, was founded, dependant on certain democratic principles, stated, and/ or, implied, inside Constitution, reality, and also the greater good, demands, every right and freedom, must include, certain, individual responsibilities/ obligations, and necessary, good sense, limitations! Few would argue, against, the idea, it really is prohibited, to cry, Fire, within a movie theater, as a result of chaos, and potential safety hazards, the process, harms others! There happen to be times, if this nation, required to impose certain restrictions on so called freedoms and rights, to shield, society, public health, and/ or safety! We have license requirements for driving a vehicle, and registration demands, for registering a car, but, hardly any of these restrictions on gun ownership! Wrapping oneself, inside 2nd Amendment, and proclaiming, it’s an absolute right, granted, to obtain and have a gun, potentially, makes a dangerous situation, persons! With, that in your mind, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review and discuss, 6 regions of our lives, when there ought to be a greater a higher level alignment, between one’s personal freedoms, along with the greater good.

  1. U.S. economy: Store – owners, among others, who proclaim, their rights are now being disturbed, by, some form of restrictions, including the masking – requirements, many states imposed, with this pandemic, and maintaining equate economic concerns, with public health needs! Unless/ until, this nation sets out to equally, protect all citizens, rather than merely, certain elite ones, furthermore it will be fair, to all or any!
  2. World economy: Throughout the world, economies are already adversely impacted, at this pandemic. We live within a global economy, and events, which effect one nation, have an impact, on others! We must begin, greater cooperation, especially, linked to public health, safety, and human rights protections!
  3. Travel: business and: Certainly, the travel – related industries, are already, most of the victims, with the pandemic – created, economic conditions, etc. Most, would, look – toward, the ability to travel, again, even as, once did, both, regarding business, and/ leisure activities! The combination of fears, public health measures, etc, are coming up with, a little bit of, a travel – nightmare!
  4. Restore life, even as we know/ knew it: Many are tired, and frustrated, with that extended time period of restrictions, created, due to public health issues! However, this won’t give them, the correct, to set the health and wellness, of others, at – risk! Isn’t it strange, there will be, this type of partisan – divide, in connection with logic, and desire, for quality vaccines, which might be presently available?
  5. Winning the battle up against the pandemic: If, lots more people, were vaccinated, the battle contrary to the pandemic, can be quicker, more thorough, and! Only, in the event the greater good, becomes the factor, will any of us win this battle!
  6. How many more must die: Whether, relevant to this horrific pandemic, or sane gun safety rules/ needs, we should ask, How many more must die? There is a significant difference, between the proper to bear arms, and, indiscriminate gun usage! We register cars, filter systems, guns? Shouldn’t this concept, also, prevail, regarding public health, and/ or, safety – related issues?

If, you want to be, the land with the free, we should protect all Constitutional guarantees, but not, merely, selective ones! The to life (meaning, safety, and reasonable expectations), has to be a top priority/ consideration!

Prevail Over Partisan Politics

Are you, sick – and – tired, of public officials, seeming to, consistently, apparently prioritize their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest. rather than greater good, and developing a meeting – of – the – minds? When, certain politicians, appear to contradict themselves, and expose them, as hypocrites, etc, by changing their stances, and positions, depending on what they manage to believe, might serve their political best – interests, exactly why do voters, continue allowing this, and electing a lot of these individuals? In the past several years, we now have witnessed this, over, and more than – again, regarding many positions, and types of conditions, that ought to be considered, priorities! With, that at heart, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, 5 specific areas, where we’ve got to insist upon, quality policy and actions, being prioritized, over, politics – as – usual!

  1. Infrastructure: For decades, America’s infrastructure is crumbling, and, as a consequence of an unwillingness, for taking timely action, during that time, conditions, today, are approaching, an unsafe condition! Shouldn’t our mass transit system, including our train and bus systems, be, state – of – the – art? What are they expecting, regarding, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc? Will there have to become some catastrophe, before they get it done? We are witnessing, today, partisan politics, once – again, entering the way, of meaningful, desirable actions!
  2. Climate: Who should we trust and believe, the politicians, that are denying the risks of Climate Change (and, even its existence), or scientists, and experts? Nearly, everyone, has seen, a substantial increase, inside numbers, and severity, of major weather – related issues, etc, and, when, ocean levels apparently be constantly, rising, the polar ice is melting, and predictions, of significant ramifications, to the future, shouldn’t we demand, those we elect, are more responsible, and responsive, in this field?
  3. Environment: Isn’t it our responsibility, to change – over, a planet, to generations to come, which can be safe, healthy, and human – friendly? We must address environmental issues, and make sure, cleaner air and water quality, etc!
  4. Constitutional guarantees: We must demand, our Constitution, is restored, to some symbol of freedom, rights, fairness, and democracy, around – the – world! This has to be done, comprehensively, rather than, merely, selective! Everyone should be able to expect, a fairer, legal, and judicial system, true, equal opportunities, in employment, education, etc, plus a nation, which puts people, before partisan politics!
  5. Public health: Unless/ until, we place overall, public health, in front of selfish, me – first, focus and emphasis, all of us lose! When, even, overcoming this horrific pandemic, gets a partisan political issue, all of us lose!

Wake up, America, and demand, policy and the ones, over partisan politics, personal/ political agendas, and self – interest! Will you stand – up, for, America, should, and need to be, and represent?

Natural Actions Impact The Entire WORLD?

The inherent challenge, and obstacle, we face, every time a national leader, articulates a populist message, dependant on supposedly, putting America, first, is, a lot of things, can just be, effectively, addressed, if/ when, everyone official, recognizes the impact, individuals actions, has, on our WORLD and planet! Some issues, which can be worldwide, in – nature, include: addressing the risks of Climate Change; the necessity for well – considered, environment protections; the whole – picture relevant to attempting to minimize the impact of energy sources; seeking world peace; admitting the possible dangers of nuclear weapons, of mass destruction, etc. With, that planned, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, address, consider, review, examine, and review, with all the mnemonic approach, what this implies and represents, and why, that is a potentially, urgent issue.

  1. Water; weather; wars: On a planet, by having an abundance of water, why is it that some areas, suffer, from water – related challenges? We must protect our water quality, so that the maintenance of a proper resource, for anyone! Weather conditions, often, are created/ caused, through the side effects, from Climate Change, and overall, carbon emissions, etc! Obviously, if our society is to survive, we have to do, all we can easily, in order to avoid, mankind’s tendency, to battle wars, in lieu of prioritize, diplomatic, peaceful solutions, and options!
  2. Oxygen; options; ozone; opportunities; open – mind: We have, already, witnessed, how certain products (one example is, aerosols), potentially, damage our ozone layer! Humans need clean air/ oxygen, for any healthier existence, this also requires, an internationally effort! Options and opportunities should be considered, and evaluated, thoroughly, by having an open – mind, to understand, every nation’s actions, has ramifications, about the rest of the world/ planet!
  3. Renewables; relevant; responsibilities; ramifications: We all benefit, each time a greater emphasis, lies, around the benefits, of your widespread focus, on renewable energies! Our actions have future ramifications, along with impacts, on other parts individuals planet! Since, we share Earth, wouldn’t it sound right, to proceed, within a relevant, responsible way, and assume shared responsibilities, sooner, as an alternative to later? We can’t afford procrastination?
  4. Listen; learn; leadership: Our leaders must listen and learn, on the experts, and gives, responsible, responsive leadership, to all of these kinds of issues!
  5. Delve deeply; discover; deliver: We must demand our leaders, rise above politics, plus the apparent – surface, and delve deeply, into your possibilities, as well as – path, forward, to find out, where to start, and deliver on, might know about need, and deserve!

What Makes America Beautiful

What happens into a society that’s allowed free expression? Over 250-years ago, some brave men were happy to give their “last full measure of devotion” to discover. Over two hundred years of free speech in America has demonstrated the subsequent about what those men called “an inalienable right.”

First coming from all, free speech accelerates the discovery of truth. A few centuries ago, a lot of the “smart people” claimed the potato caused leprosy, syphilis, early death, sterility, and even more. So, in 1748 the French parliament banned the eating of potatoes. Do you suppose some government health official declared, “Don’t seek advice, do whatever we tell you: Don’t eat potatoes!” It took quite some time, but eventually, enough people questioned the authority from the experts and proved the potato a good food. Down throughout the ages, open debate has debunked many myths and facilitated the discovery of several truths.

Second, free speech elevates the significance in the individual above the collective. It allows dissidents to state their opinions while their words or writings might make group members or government leaders uncomfortable. Uninhibited speech means the two majority and also the autocrat must respect the person with differing beliefs and opinions.

Third, free speech preserves our Constitutional type of government. In America, over 200 years, we’re allowed to criticize our government. This freedom was demonstrated with great vigor during Donald Trump’s presidency. For four years, what is the news media colluded while using Democrat party and Big Tech to smear, shame, and insult him even beyond his presidency. Free speech has been employed to challenge the status quo: Free speech empowered the anti-slavery movement, forced a stop to the Viet Nam war, the tool most effectively familiar with inspire the Civil Rights Movement.

But today, the merit and immutability on this “divinely given” right are now being tested: Many posit that simple truth is only opinion, which the collective is a bit more important than the consumer, plus the Constitution is malleable and intellectually and morally repugnant.

Global powers noisy . 21st Century are implementing different methods that severely limit or de-activate free expression. A good friend in Texas gets sent into Facebook jail whenever Facebook censors do not like his posts. Teachers and professors get fired for teaching the intellectual discipline of critical thinking. Then there’s the insidious and pervasive censorship of language with the malicious WOKE movement.

A new threat to free speech now faces people who attend senior high school or university. Narrow-minded educators, radicalized school boards, and high-volume cancel culture activists desire to silence colleagues and muzzle students and parents who question their despotic left-wing agenda. They don’t would like to debate – they need to indoctrinate.

The way towards greater freedom and economic, scientific, and social progress can be an open marketplace of ideas. Not government entities, not the schoolteacher, not the teachers professor, not anyone at all can deny or remove your to certainly free expression.

This valuable and protected right helped make America essentially the most advanced and prosperous civilization of all time. Now, you and I must bravely and publicly declare our love of country, our yearning for self-determination, and our commitment to your Constitution. We must cease bullied into silence by pointy-headed intellectuals and brain-washed activists. We have a God-given straight away to speak up, so don’t allow anyone shut you up — and we will keep America beautiful.

Justice Be FAIR To All

Perhaps, these days – before, in recent memory, many Americans perceive, this nation to become, not aligned with, the supposed – premise, individuals Founding Fathers, with liberty and justice for everyone! It is challenging, to think, so many people are treated equally, no matter race, creed, colour of their skin, and/ or, ethnicity, because, both, that which you witness, as well as the data/ statistics, indicate, it is not true, regarding many aspects in our lives! It often seems, certain politicians, and citizens, would rather selectively apply their freedoms, picking – and – choosing, those serve their very best interests! Shouldn’t we demand, justice, freedom, and our rights, be FAIR to any or all? With that in mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, while using the mnemonic approach, how this works, and why it matters.

  1. Face facts; faithful; freedoms; future; fate: Denying reality, wrapping – oneself within the Flag, and putting one’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, in front of the greater good, harms this nation! We need leaders who will be ready, willing, and able, to handle the facts, having an open – mind, and consistently, are faithful, to any or all our citizens, no matter what politics, and political affiliations! Freedoms lose their meaning, when applied selectively, because that behavior risks, endangering not able to those Constitutional principles and guarantees! We have the capacity, to assist control our fate, to the better, when we consider wise practice, and overall – fairness!
  2. Attitude; aptitude; attention; actions: If we proceeded, that has a positive, can – do, attitude, centered on ensuring all of our rights, and demanded, those we elect, possess the aptitude, and skill – set, necessary, to generate this nation, truly – great, we may pay attention, to being fair, to everyone, as an alternative to only the elite! We need public officials, who, proactively, consider the action, to be sure we restore these essential principles, and ideals!
  3. Integrity; ideology; intents; inspire: It takes proceeding, with absolute integrity, as opposed to only, accomplishing this, when convenient! Those, elected, must put America’s ideology, first, along with their intentions, have to be unifying, as an alternative to creating additional polarization!
  4. Realistic; relevant; responsive; responsible: Seeking better representation, can be a necessary, realistic ideal, but, only, if we elect the correct people! We need relevant leaders, who consider ramifications, and strive for sustainable enhancements! This is the responsive, and responsible approach, and behavior!

Will you demand this nation prioritizes the technique of being, FAIR to everyone? Are you willing to produce this nation, truer to its ideals, and ideology?

4 Concerning Examples Of How It’s Not Equal

With liberty and justice for many. Most Americans denote these words, and also the rest in our Constitution, as well as the guarantees, regarding our freedoms and rights, but, an ambition observer, realizes, all Americans are certainly not treated, and/ or, considered, equal! For those folks, who don’t face these limitations, regularly, it can be difficult to relate, towards the constant stress, put together by, this sort of second – rate, treatment, etc! However, for people certain minority groups, it is now apparent, many key aspects of life, which others take – for – granted, can be extremely challenging, etc! With, that under consideration, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 concerning examples, of the treatment, and behavior.

  1. Police/ policing/ systemic racism: Driving, while black, can often be, somewhat – jokingly, known, as being the reason, certain African – Americans, are stopped, by police, for supposed – offenses, and/ or, suspicious activities, while the most of us, aren’t! Objective observers realize, were witnessing a hazardous, concerning level, of systemic racism, which creates, different treatment, with the law, determined by race, and social stratus! Statistics demonstrate, people – of – color, are arrested, more reguarily, given less rights, and receive, anything – but, equal treatment, and justice! In the past couple of years, as an alternative to seeing, improvement, in this subject, it seems like to be more – widespread, and disgusting!
  2. Courts/ Justice: In many cases, those, who are able to afford, the fees, of the highest quality attorneys, end – up, finding a different amount of justice, and treatment, as opposed to runners, that are of limited, financial means! It often appears, according to deals – made, sentences received, prosecutions, and verdicts, we now have anything – but, equal justice, for all those!
  3. Equal employment/ educational opportunities, and pay/ income: Nearly every study indicates, minorities, in – general, are paid less, in most cases, below the knob on opportunity, with the finest occupations! Although, educational opportunities, around the college/ university level, have improved, somewhat, at lower levels, it appears, there’s still a substantial gap, largely, linked to race, ethnicity, and income!
  4. Real estate red – lining: Although, red – lining, is illegitimate, the fact is, we continue, seeing it! In minority – neighborhoods, conditions, issues of safety, use of quality stores, etc, are, far – different, in the standards, received, in non – minority, areas!

Wake up, America, and prevent, believing, it’s acceptable, to selectively, pick – and – choose, which individuals Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, and liberties, to observe/ obey, and which, to spend, less attention, to! We need more prevalent sense, fairness, equality, and genuine, liberty and justice, for – all!

4 Components Of Infrastructure

For decades, and generations, politicians, and public officials, have discussed, the requirement to address, raising the infrastructure, but, these discussions, largely, ended – up, being somewhat more – than – empty – rhetoric, and, we’ve got reached, a time, where, the infrastructure conditions, are, progressively, worse, and weaker! Instead, of, any, apparent attempt, to search for a meeting – of – the – minds, with the greater good, we continue, witnessing, partisan politics, at its worst! The reality is, unless/ until, we invest in doing something, about this, rather then making excuses, and proclaiming, each of the reasons, why, we not able to do it, and/ or, afford it, etc, we end up needing, to start out, addressing, various areas, which need to be enhanced, sooner, as an alternative to later, without further procrastination! With, that under consideration, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 specific, components/ segments, and why, these are generally so important, and, truly, relevant.

  1. Hard infrastructure: The first, perhaps, greatest component, is, what, I talk about as the hard infrastructure. This includes: roads; tunnels/ bridges; utilities (upgrade the grid); mass transportation; etc. However, if, all perform, is this fact, we shall soon, discover, other aspects, is certain to get far worse, and, procrastination/ avoidance/ denial, rarely, achieves anything, of – consequence! Obviously, this requires a significant amount of monetary commitment, but, it must be done, thoroughly, thoughtfully, plus in – perspective!
  2. Common sense considerations: Unfortunately, what must be, good sense, is, rarely, common! Rather, our politicians, continue delaying significant issues, for apparent, political/ personal agenda, and self – interest, reasons! We need to demand, we proceed, and consider, seriously, the implications, dangers, ramifications, needs, and priorities, both, at – present, along with, to the future!
  3. Environment and Climate: We cannot afford to deny, or procrastinate/ avoid, doing something, to turn back the trend, towards Climate Change! We are witnessing, more storms, warmer weather, polar melting, increased risks from higher tide levels, etc, yet, some politicians, still, usually proceed, accordingly, plus a responsible manner! Similarly, we have to take care of, and protect our surroundings, especially, in connection with clean air and water! Don’t we owe it, to generations to come, to offer, a planet, which can be safe to reside in?
  4. A fairer system: Equal justice, enforcement of the Constitutional guarantees, rights and freedoms (as an alternative to selective ones), a fairer, judicial system, etc, are common important considerations, in, ensuring, this nation, progresses, to the future, inside most responsible manner, and serves the top interests of the Americans, within a fairer way!

These are only, basic components, which need to be addressed, in creating the most beneficial path, forward, and ensuring our infrastructure, is prepared, and equipped, properly, as – needed! Will you demand more, from those we elect, for everyone and represent, we all?