Personal Freedom

Although, the United States of America, was founded, dependant on certain democratic principles, stated, and/ or, implied, inside Constitution, reality, and also the greater good, demands, every right and freedom, must include, certain, individual responsibilities/ obligations, and necessary, good sense, limitations! Few would argue, against, the idea, it really is prohibited, to cry, Fire, within a movie theater, as a result of chaos, and potential safety hazards, the process, harms others! There happen to be times, if this nation, required to impose certain restrictions on so called freedoms and rights, to shield, society, public health, and/ or safety! We have license requirements for driving a vehicle, and registration demands, for registering a car, but, hardly any of these restrictions on gun ownership! Wrapping oneself, inside 2nd Amendment, and proclaiming, it’s an absolute right, granted, to obtain and have a gun, potentially, makes a dangerous situation, persons! With, that in your mind, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review and discuss, 6 regions of our lives, when there ought to be a greater a higher level alignment, between one’s personal freedoms, along with the greater good.

  1. U.S. economy: Store – owners, among others, who proclaim, their rights are now being disturbed, by, some form of restrictions, including the masking – requirements, many states imposed, with this pandemic, and maintaining equate economic concerns, with public health needs! Unless/ until, this nation sets out to equally, protect all citizens, rather than merely, certain elite ones, furthermore it will be fair, to all or any!
  2. World economy: Throughout the world, economies are already adversely impacted, at this pandemic. We live within a global economy, and events, which effect one nation, have an impact, on others! We must begin, greater cooperation, especially, linked to public health, safety, and human rights protections!
  3. Travel: business and: Certainly, the travel – related industries, are already, most of the victims, with the pandemic – created, economic conditions, etc. Most, would, look – toward, the ability to travel, again, even as, once did, both, regarding business, and/ leisure activities! The combination of fears, public health measures, etc, are coming up with, a little bit of, a travel – nightmare!
  4. Restore life, even as we know/ knew it: Many are tired, and frustrated, with that extended time period of restrictions, created, due to public health issues! However, this won’t give them, the correct, to set the health and wellness, of others, at – risk! Isn’t it strange, there will be, this type of partisan – divide, in connection with logic, and desire, for quality vaccines, which might be presently available?
  5. Winning the battle up against the pandemic: If, lots more people, were vaccinated, the battle contrary to the pandemic, can be quicker, more thorough, and! Only, in the event the greater good, becomes the factor, will any of us win this battle!
  6. How many more must die: Whether, relevant to this horrific pandemic, or sane gun safety rules/ needs, we should ask, How many more must die? There is a significant difference, between the proper to bear arms, and, indiscriminate gun usage! We register cars, filter systems, guns? Shouldn’t this concept, also, prevail, regarding public health, and/ or, safety – related issues?

If, you want to be, the land with the free, we should protect all Constitutional guarantees, but not, merely, selective ones! The to life (meaning, safety, and reasonable expectations), has to be a top priority/ consideration!

Prevail Over Partisan Politics

Are you, sick – and – tired, of public officials, seeming to, consistently, apparently prioritize their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest. rather than greater good, and developing a meeting – of – the – minds? When, certain politicians, appear to contradict themselves, and expose them, as hypocrites, etc, by changing their stances, and positions, depending on what they manage to believe, might serve their political best – interests, exactly why do voters, continue allowing this, and electing a lot of these individuals? In the past several years, we now have witnessed this, over, and more than – again, regarding many positions, and types of conditions, that ought to be considered, priorities! With, that at heart, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, 5 specific areas, where we’ve got to insist upon, quality policy and actions, being prioritized, over, politics – as – usual!

  1. Infrastructure: For decades, America’s infrastructure is crumbling, and, as a consequence of an unwillingness, for taking timely action, during that time, conditions, today, are approaching, an unsafe condition! Shouldn’t our mass transit system, including our train and bus systems, be, state – of – the – art? What are they expecting, regarding, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc? Will there have to become some catastrophe, before they get it done? We are witnessing, today, partisan politics, once – again, entering the way, of meaningful, desirable actions!
  2. Climate: Who should we trust and believe, the politicians, that are denying the risks of Climate Change (and, even its existence), or scientists, and experts? Nearly, everyone, has seen, a substantial increase, inside numbers, and severity, of major weather – related issues, etc, and, when, ocean levels apparently be constantly, rising, the polar ice is melting, and predictions, of significant ramifications, to the future, shouldn’t we demand, those we elect, are more responsible, and responsive, in this field?
  3. Environment: Isn’t it our responsibility, to change – over, a planet, to generations to come, which can be safe, healthy, and human – friendly? We must address environmental issues, and make sure, cleaner air and water quality, etc!
  4. Constitutional guarantees: We must demand, our Constitution, is restored, to some symbol of freedom, rights, fairness, and democracy, around – the – world! This has to be done, comprehensively, rather than, merely, selective! Everyone should be able to expect, a fairer, legal, and judicial system, true, equal opportunities, in employment, education, etc, plus a nation, which puts people, before partisan politics!
  5. Public health: Unless/ until, we place overall, public health, in front of selfish, me – first, focus and emphasis, all of us lose! When, even, overcoming this horrific pandemic, gets a partisan political issue, all of us lose!

Wake up, America, and demand, policy and the ones, over partisan politics, personal/ political agendas, and self – interest! Will you stand – up, for, America, should, and need to be, and represent?