Idealism Feels Great, But Pragmatic Idealism Needs To Seek Improvement

While, it’s good to be idealistic, unfortunately, it risks achieving, little, unless, one uses pragmatic idealism, to be able, to take people, together, for your greater good, and achieve a gathering – of – the – minds, as opposed to mere, partisan politics, as usual! It might ensure people, feel great, to target – on, idealism, but, what good, could it be, if nothing, of significance, is achieved, because, this doesn’t happen achieve a necessary consensus? In our system of government, the spot that the Congress is, almost, evenly – matched, relating to the two major parties, those, who hold – out, for your unachievable ideal, rather then trying to achieve, what’s, hinders genuine progress. With, that planned, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, of the, and why it matters.

  1. Health; medical; prescribed drugs: Shouldn’t the United States, which consider itself, being the most advanced nation, on earth, give the finest healthcare, and make up a system, where health was considered a top priority, and right, instead of, merely, a privilege, to the wealthiest, and elite? Why do the identical, prescription medications, cost, much more, with this nation, compared with most other developed nations? Shouldn’t the medical, and wellness of our citizens, be important, in spite of politics?
  2. Sane gun safety controls and regulations/ rules/ laws: We suffer more gun – related, deaths, with this country, than, many of the rest in the free world! How many more must die, before we take a little measures, to regulate it? Instead of wrapping – themselves, about the 2nd Amendment (or, their interpretations), and claiming, it really is one’s to own a gun, it does not recognize the certainty, that Amendment, actually, devoted to State Militia’s, plus the Founding Fathers, can’t have conceived in the level of today’s guns! Doesn’t it make sense, there has to be, some sound judgment, gun safety – focused, controls and regulations, also to, a minimum of, regulate these, to the degree we regulate automobiles, and drivers (register cars; license drivers, etc)?
  3. Public safety and health: Why should public health, become, a partisan political issue? After, over eighteen months, of the horrific pandemic, and thus many infections, and deaths, as well as the scientific evidence, from the necessary impacts, of vaccinations, why partisan?
  4. Climate Change: When, there’s so much evidence, of Climate Change, and almost all climate scientists/ experts, warns us, we have to address this, sooner, instead of later, along with the inherent risks, of procrastination, how come we permit some politicians, to deny its existence, for political gain, and/ or, some personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Denying it, won’t ensure it is go away!
  5. Environment: We can’t leave a sustainable planet, to generations to come, unless/ until, we pay keen focus to our environment, especially, beautiful and water!